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Taxkorgan- One of the most isolated place in the world

Some people say, drive to Xinjiang, the most impressive is Taxkorgan, a peaceful city in Xinjiang, also called “The place where don't lose anything”. 


Here you can’t see hurried footsteps, the entrance of the building can hardly see the billboards and commercial sighs. Everything is quiet, no more messy and unorganized. There is almost no large shopping malls, only daily necessities.


From Kashgar to Taxkorgan, nearly 300 kilometers away. The way will go through the Baisha Lake, many Kirgiz girls choose to wash the clothes in here.


In this plateau, Here are beautiful Karakul Lake, the highest lake of the Pamir plateau, and the snowy Muztag Ata, which is a symbol of pure love. boys and girls are good at singing and dancing, every Tajik people are good and friendly, they are so harmonious with the plateau.


To Taxkorgan, it will make every person who feel the profound and inclusive of nature, immerse in its unique style.