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The People's Park

Once a lake with flourishing float grass, the park is located at the west side of the Xidaqiao Bridge in Urumqi. In 10th year of the Emperor Guangxu of Qing Dynasty (1884), a kiosk was built in the center of the lake, and the lake was intitled ‘Lake Jian’, ‘Tong-le garden’. In 1921, to remember Ji Yun (Ji Xiaolan), a famous scholar of Qing Dynasty who had been banished to Urumqi, some skillful craftsmen were employed from inland China to build several halls, kiosks and pavilions in the garden according to Ji Yun’s book ‘Notes in the Thatched Hall of Yuewei’. 

The park is a popular site for various exhibitions, including flower shows, bonsai exhibitions, painting and art fairs and photography shows. In the winter, an ice sculpture festival and various winter sport competitions are held in this park.

Several buildings in a traditional central Chinese style could be found in the park, including the Danfeng Chaoyang Pavilion, the Dragon King Temple, Zuixia Pavilion, Xiaochun Pavilion, Jianhu Pavilion and Yuewei Caotang (thatched abode) .Yuewei Caotang (thatched abode) is said to have been the home of the Chinese poet Ji Xiaolan (JiYun 1724 - 1805), who had been banned to Urumqi in 18th century.

Location: intersection of South Youhao Road and North Gongyuan Road, Urumqi

Entrance Fee: Free

Opening Hours: 8:30-21:30

Transportation: Take Bus No.1,2,3,7,58 or 902

  • The People's Park
  • The People's Park
  • The People's Park of Urumqi
  • The People's Park of Urumqi