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The Loulan Site

The Loulan Site Situated on the western bank of the Lop Nor in the northeast part of Ruoqiang County is the Ruins of Loulan City, which is 1316 meters in Circumference, with rammed city walls. At northeast part of the city stands a stupa 10.4 meters high. In the southwest part there are many remnants of dwellings remained, in the middle of which stands a three-room construction. It faces due south to the southern city gate and may be government offices. The Loulan Kingdom was one of the 36 kingdoms in the Western Regions in the Western Han Dynasty, and the Loulan City was its political and economic center. The city was abandoned in the 4th century AD. The Loulan city was the first station for Han to come into the Western Regions in that time, and also was a hub of communication on the Silk Roads, Occupying a quite important geographical position. Now the Loulan Site is listed as a major cultural site under state protection.