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Idkah Mosque
    Located in center of Kashi City, the Idkah Mosque is the greatest one in size in our county exists up to now. Here is a place where Moslems of all nationalities come to attend service every day and where people gather to celebrate festivals. The word “Idkah” means “the place for festival activities”. The mosque was first built in 1426, extended in 1798 and got the present name. Later on it has been extended and renovated time after time, and finally reached its present shape and size. It covers an area of 16800 square meters, consisting of a front gate tower, prayer hall, doctrine-teaching hall, pond and other auxiliary structures. The tower is 10 meters high. The prayer hall is 140 meters long, with a width of 16 meters. 140 wooden pillars carved and painted with beautiful patterns support its roof. Now it is listed as a major cultural site under state protection.