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The Ruins of Ancienty City of Jiaohe
    The Jiaohe Ruins is located on a mesa in willow leaf shape between the Yarnaz River valleys 10 kilometers to the west of Turfan City . Being circled by rivers flowing by, it has the name “Jiaohe”(the city of joining river). The mesa the city occupies has a long and narrow topography, running from northwest to southeast, 1760 meters long and 300 meters across at the widest part. The city includes city gates, streets and lanes, government office, temples, domestic houses, cave houses, wells, and an underground temple. The ancient city of Jiaohe is a famous historical and cultural city built with local conditions by ancient nationalities of Cheshi,Han, Uighur,etc. As a city consisting of earth constructions, it is seldom seen in the world both in ots size and good preservation situation. Now it is a major cultural site under state protection.